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  • SCR yellow shell and orange shell charger

SCR yellow shell and orange shell charger

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Technical characteristics
With the microprocessor on the charging process to achieve intelligent control, optimize the charging performance, get the best charging results.
Wa + Equalising Charge Curve
Can control the charging parameters to limit the process of charging the battery temperature rise and inhibit the battery electrolyte evaporation late charge, the battery life and reduce the loss of water loss and reduce maintenance costs
Intelligent automatic, unattended
The use of advanced technology, high-quality components to ensure reliable machine quality and performance
Self-diagnosis function and charging status display function
According to the need through the switch, you can choose the normal charge and normal charge automatically after the end of a balanced charge
Automatically determine the anti-pole and open, and alarm
Power factor, power distortion
Power supply voltage can be selected 220V, 230V, 240V or 380V, 400V, 420V, the grid voltage to allow fluctuations ± 10%
Power supply operating frequency is 50HZ, 60HZ
Reliable safety performance
Optimized design, reasonable structure, the main components are specialized production, high safety performance
Before starting to charge, the charger will automatically detect the polarity of the connected battery and whether open, if the reverse or open, the charger refused to start and alarm
Over-current over-voltage limit and alarm
The device start and stop buttons can be started or stopped at any time
During operation, the internal temperature of the charger is monitored
Microcomputer control, charging a variety of non-normal situation can be judged to avoid the phenomenon of overcharge
Electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety in line with EC standards
The use of high-quality charging flexible cable, flexible, and good insulation properties
The output is equipped with a quick-blow fuse

Operation and display

Start and stop a single key operation, start automatically after charging and end, without operation, unattended
With information operation keys, you can view a variety of charging information
There Wa and Wa + Eq selector switch, can be normal and normal charge and balanced charge
The LED displays various related charging information
  • SCR yellow shell and orange shell charger
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