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Standard for performance evaluation of forklift batteries

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Many companies evaluate forklift performance, many companies because of forklift expertise and technology do not understand, often unable to make a reasonable product quality judgments. In general, high-quality forklift its superior performance is often reflected in the high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, ergonomics design and service convenience, and many other aspects.

1, high efficiency
High efficiency does not just mean high speed (running, ascending, descending speed), it also means that the operator takes a short time to complete a working cycle, and can maintain this efficiency throughout the working time. A number of factors can contribute to efficiency:
① the speed of high and low, such as speed, increase and decrease speed;
② ergonomic design applications, reduce the number of operational actions;
③ the accuracy of the operation;
④ ergonomic design applications, to minimize fatigue;
⑤ good vision;

2, low cost
The total cost per year for an enterprise to purchase and use a forklift includes:
① procurement costs;
② maintenance costs;
③ energy cost;
④ labor costs;

Purchasing costs will be spread out to forklift life. So high-priced forklift will be longer because of its longer procurement costs.

The actual cost of repair is not only related to the cost of repairing the parts, but also to the failure rate or the time of failure. Therefore, a high quality forklift, due to its low failure rate, its maintenance costs are lower.

Energy costs will vary with forklifts of different power systems, such as power, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline.

The cost of labor varies with the number of drivers and their monthly total pay, and the number of drivers will be reduced by the use of efficient forklifts.

3, high security
Forklift safety design, should be able to fully ensure the driver, cargo and forklift itself. High-quality forklifts tend to take into account every detail and every possibility in terms of safety design.

4, ergonomics
Ergonomics is a science widely used in product design, especially to improve the operating environment, the purpose is to reduce driver fatigue and increase the operational comfort and other means to maximize production efficiency.

In the forklift design, ergonomics embodied in all aspects:
① reduce the driver's fatigue: a unique design can reduce the driver's action, so that the operation more effort;
② comfort: user-friendly design allows the driver to maintain a good mood, reduce operational errors;
③ good vision: forklift operation process to provide a good vision, not only to improve efficiency, while ensuring driver safety.

5, easy maintenance
To consider whether the forklift is easy to maintain. All parts should be replaced easily, the failure to diagnose and remove faster. High-quality forklift control systems are modular and can be directly connected to a laptop computer, using diagnostic programs to quickly find faults or modify parameter settings (such as speed).

Enterprises in the purchase of forklifts, in addition to understanding the price and tonnage of forklifts, the enterprises should also be combined with the specific conditions and development planning, considering the strength of forklift manufacturers, reputation, service assurance and other factors after making purchasing decisions. The strength of the forklift supplier in addition to providing reliable after-sales service, the sales staff should have the expertise to help customers complete the vehicle configuration and configuration selection phase of the work.

As the transparency of the market increases, the strengthening of the brand building of the forklift manufacturers, corporate purchasing behavior will be more rational, business and forklift suppliers will tend to pursue win-win situation, and establish long-term, mutual trust and cooperative relations. For companies that have not yet used forklifts and have high material handling capacity, it may be necessary to compare the costs and benefits of manual handling and forklift handling. The price, type and function of forklifts has changed significantly, often better than manual handling select.

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