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GFM (E) series

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Product Introduction
GFME series of fixed valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is designed in accordance with Japanese standards, the battery design life of 15 years (2.24V / single · 25 ℃ float use). The product has passed the ministry level appraisal, has the domestic advanced level, the partial performance has achieved the international similar product standard, the battery whole (the battery entire development, the new technology, the new material and the advanced equipment, the product from 200Ah-1000Ah altogether 6 specifications, the battery development and the production uses the new technology, Structure, new design, the products on the market, with its high-quality, high-performance, high reliability by the users generally welcomed.

Product Usage
◆ communication, signal system backup power;
◆ power system backup power, solar energy, wind energy storage.
◆ emergency photos, such as standby power supply.

Product Features
◆ The grating grid is made of special lead-calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance. The grid structure is optimized. The current is evenly distributed on the plate to reduce the pressure drop of the plate and improve the discharge performance. The self-discharge rate is very low. long life.
◆ electrode plate with a special active substance formula, the utilization of active substances increased, the battery's high-current discharge performance and improved charge acceptance, suitable for high-current impulse discharge requirements.
◆ separator selection of high porosity, low resistance, corrosion-resistant high-quality AGM separator, electrolyte sufficient, high-rate discharge performance.
◆ electrolyte with high purity electrolyte, increased active material utilization, reducing the battery self-discharge.
◆ safety valve body with flame-retardant ABS material, unique design, the opening, the valve pressure is accurate, to ensure battery safety and reliable operation.
◆ battery slot, cover made of flame-retardant ABS material, high strength, corrosion resistance, bright shiny appearance.
◆ pole-pole embedded in a large-diameter copper core, to improve the terminal current load capacity, the battery internal resistance is small. Poles and battery cover with mechanical seal and sealant double seal structure, the battery to achieve complete sealing, to avoid the pole column climbing acid.
◆ Single cell consists of a single cell (large capacity battery to ensure the strength of the battery compartment and set the grid, while the battery is still in parallel), effectively ensure the single cell battery electrical performance of the balance. The battery inside the set group positioning device to ensure that the battery part of the partition of the same compression to ensure uniform distribution of acid.
◆ Battery The external connection of the battery is sealed with copper core soft cable to prevent oxidation and corrosion of battery terminals and connecting strips. Batteries can be combined into a rack to use, you can also set the use of land, flexible and diverse installation, safe and reliable.
Battery model Rated voltageV Rated CapacityAh Maximum Outside Dimensionmm Weight ㎏
10h 3h 1h Long Width Slot height Total height
Termination voltage Termination voltage Termination voltage
1.80V 1.80V 1.75V
GFM-200E 2 200 150 110 106 170 327 351 16
GFM-300E 2 300 225 165 150 22
GFM-400E 2 400 300 220 194 30
GFM-500E 2 500 375 275 240 36
GFM-800E 2 800 600 440 379 56
GFM-1000E 2 1000 750 550 469 70
  • GFM (E) series
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  • GFM (E) series
    GFM (E) series
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